Welcome to Blk Sunflower Business Collective

Becoming Better Entrepreneurs as a Collective.

About Us

We are a collective of like-minded and aspiring entrepreneurs dedicated to improving our skills and knowledge in the business world. Our Collective is designed for individuals at all stages of their business careers. 

We offer a variety of resources to help our members achieve their professional goals, including online courses, workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events. Our community is built on the principles of collaboration and support, so members can expect to learn from and connect with others.

Why You Should Join Us

We believe that continuous learning and development is essential for success in the business world, and we are committed to providing our members with the tools they need to succeed. Join us today and start achieving your professional goals!

What's the Cost to join?

To get started just pick a plan with a course that best suits your needs. You will have access to the course for as long as you are a part of the Collective. In addition, you will gain access to an engaged community and lots of free resources including the following videos...

How to Start a Business

How to Launch Your Shopify Store in One Hour

Candle Making 101

Blk Sunflower Academy

Blk Sunflower Academy is a private group located inside the collective that contains a wealth of information. For just $34.99/mo you will get access to everything! Including over 60 hours of videos, the ability to attend live classes so you can ask questions in real time, and discounted One-on-One Mentorship Sessions. (Candle Making Master Class is not included with the Academy)